Firefox News

Yes, it has been a while since The Guru has posted non-release news. Here’s some Firefox news from the past month.

    • Firefox for iOS adds Security Features (The Mozilla Blog)- Changes to the Firefox Password Manager now allow iPhone/iPad users to add a 4-Digit password to the password manager for extra security.
    • Inviting Conversation (Mitchell’s Blog) – Mitchell Baker, Mozilla Foundation Chair is looking to invite conversation about the Open Internet, Mozilla and Mozilla’s mission in a series of upcoming less “official” blog posts.
    • Shipping Some Firefox Features Outside of the Release Cycle (Mozilla Future Releases) – Now new bloat features will be introduced more often and outside the regular release cycle. First up is Firefox Hello Beta.
    • Add-on Signing Enforcement In Firefox 46 for Android (Mozilla Add-ons Blog) – Firefox for Android had not been partaking in Mozilla’s add-on signing enforcement. Unfortunately, this is changing with Firefox 46 due out at the end of May 2016. The good news is this can be disabled, but Mozilla may remove that ability in a future release.
    • WebExtensions in Firefox 47 (Mozilla Add-ons Blog) – While WebExtensions will still be in Beta come Firefox 47 (early June 2016), Mozilla is still on track to launch this feature with Firefox 48 (early August 2016) which is why there will be 8-weeks between the release of Firefox 47 and Firefox 48 instead of the typical 6-weeks.

Also there was a new Firefox release (45.0.0) and updated (45.0.1) in the past month:

    • Firefox 45.0.1 – Released March 16, 2016 addressed and fixed several issues. See Firefox 45.0.1 Release Notes for more details.
    • Firefox 45.0.0 – Released March 8, 2016 added tab sharing via hello as well as improvements to the tab syncing between devices. Tab Groups (Panorama) feature has been removed. There were serveral fixes and some minor additions. See Firefox 45.0.0 Release Notes for more details.