Can Microsoft Get Anymore Annoying?

One thing about Microsoft MSFT 277,66 +5,37 +1,97% is they are persistent about reminding users of Windows 7/8.1 about the “free” Windows 10 upgrade. In the past users were presented with  pop-up Windows asking them to update to Windows 10 now or tonight. There were even notifications that Windows 10 was already installed,  just restart to finish the install. Microsoft execs have even resorted to using scare tactics that Windows 7 is unsafe and you should upgrade to Windows 10. With less than a month (25-days and counting) left before the free upgrade offer “officially” ends (there are rumors Microsoft might extend the deadline), Microsoft has taken annoying to a whole new level:

That’s right Windows 7 and 8.1 users who have not already selected the ‘Do not notify me again’ option or opted out of the upgrade or rolled back having previously installed it, will have their screen taken over by this pesky new notification. At least Microsoft has made it somewhat easier for people to decline the offer though it is in an odd place off on the lower left and below an option to keep reminding me.

The good news is there is only 25-days left until the upgrade offer ends. The bad news is there is still 25-days left for Microsoft to come up with even more annoying ways to bug users to upgrade.

via Forbes > Antony Leather