October 2016

Firefox 49: two new system add-ons to fix Flash and graphics issues

“Mozilla has started to distribute two new system add-ons for Firefox 49.0 and Firefox 49.0.1 to address two issues affecting Adobe Flash Player and graphics issues.“The organization is working on Firefox 49.0.2 currently, but made the decision to release two new patches for the current stable version of Firefox as system add-ons to address issues that users are affected by.“System add-ons are like hotfixes. They can be pushed out to all Firefox users who have automatic updates enabled to fix issues of the browser. That’s usually a lot faster than having to create a new build of Firefox.“The two system…

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Device management coming to your Firefox Account

“Today we are beginning a phased roll out of a new account management feature to Firefox Accounts users. This new feature aims to give users a clear overview of all services attached to the account, and provide our users with full control over their synced devices. …” Source: Mozilla Cloud Services Device management coming to your Firefox Account

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