On this Day In 1977…

RadioShack introduced the TRS-80 personal computer during a press conference at the Warwick Hotel in New York. The TRS (Tandy RadioShack) boasted a QWERTY keyboard, 4K RAM, 8-Bit Zlog Processor and a 64 colum video monitor, Starting price was $600. Upgrades which could be purchased at any RadioShack store included, cassette tape drives, floppy drives in July 1978, up to 48K RAM. In 1983, 5 MB Hard Drives were introduced and users could connect up to a total of four external drives (floppy and/or hard drive).

By Rama & Musée Bolo – Own work, CC BY-SA 2.0 fr, Link

…Even in its heyday, it had a reputation for being clunky snd unglamorous. But it outsold the sexier (and pricier) Apple II for years and was marketed in thousands of the Shack’s retail outlets at a time when Apple products were still available primarily in weird little mom-and-pop computer stores. To me, that makes it the most mainstream of the early PCs.

via Fast Company and Wikipedia