Intel Dropping Pentium and Celeron Names

Way back in 1993 Intel introduce the Pentium Processor which was the next version of Intel’s x86 architecture-compatible microprocessors (it was the successor to the 486 processor). Intel released future generations of its flagship processor (including Pentium II and Pentium III) in the years following.  By 2006 the ‘Intel Core’ line had become the new flagship processors for Intel. Pentium processor were still being made for low power devices and entry level desktops. Intel’s Celeron processor was introduced in 1998 based of the Pentium II processor. However, Celeron were lower end processors Celeron often with less cache or intentionally disabled advanced features.

Intel has used the Celeron and Pentium brands for CPUs since the 1990s, but they’re finally fading away — if not quite in the way you’d expect. The company is replacing both brand names for low-end laptop chips in favor of the simpler (if not exactly creative) “Intel Processor” badge starting in 2023. The move will help “simplify” the lineup, Intel VP Josh Newman said.

The decision isn’t shocking. Both the Celeron and Pentium names have been synonymous with low-end processors for years, and the practical differences for users have been modest at best. This clarifies what you’re getting. If you don’t see “Core,” it’s a basic model.

Wasn’t really aware either processer model was still around until a couple months ago when I was in the market for a new laptop and came across some with either a Pentium or Celeron processors.

via engadget