iPhone 14 is easier to repair

Apple (and other smart phone makers) are facing pressure from federal (such as The EU) and state governments to make their devices last longer and easier to repair. It appears Apple is already ahead of the curve as iFixit suggest this is the most repairable iPhone model in several years.

Apple acknowledged that the iPhone 14 was designed to be easier to repair, but it might have undersold that upgrade. iFixit has finished a teardown of this year’s base iPhone, and it’s clear that the device was reworked from the ground up with do-it-yourself fixes in mind. The back glass is easier and cheaper to fix, as promised, but used a metal midframe to keep the front just as accessible. The design is more repairable than the many Android phones that are only simple to open from the back, iFixit said.

However, just because the iPhone is going to be easier to repair, does not mean it is going to be cheaper to repair.

Apple still requires that customers and technicians activate parts after they’re installed, so you can’t just use an unofficial back instead of potentially pricier Self Service Repair components. Even so, iFixit claims this is the most repairable Apple handset since 2016’s iPhone 7.

via engadget