Wish You Could Go Back to Windows XP?

Microsoft Corporation 255,02 +0,33 +0,13% Microsoft Windows XP was released in August 2001. It was a major change for PC users as it was built under the Windows NT kernel and felt more like an operating system than an overlay. This was the first version of Windows users could automatically boot into without the need to start Windows from the DOS command line (or via the AUTOEXEC.BAT file) when the PC finished booting. It offered a nice clean interface too, which was more than could be said for Windows 10 ‘Metro’ mode.

If you really don’t like the look and feel of Windows, Stardock Software is back at it. The company’s latest beta of WindowBlinds 11 allows you to make Windows 11 look and feel like Windows XP.

This past summer I had purchased a new laptop (which I ended up returning the next day and not because of Windows 11) and was the first time I had experienced Window 11. I have been offered the upgrade on my main desktop, but  have declined. I really wanted to put it on my old laptop which I use for watching YouTube videos  in the evenings. Sadly, that laptop from 2017 ‘does not meet the requirements’ to install Windows 11 and I haven’t really bothered to see why. That being said I was rather surprised by the new interface of Windows 11 and almost felt to me they were trying to copy the macOS (not that I’ve used a Mac since the mid 90’s).

“Windows 11 introduced a new design language for the OS but we know it’s not for everyone,” said Brad Sams, vice president of Stardock Software, in a statement. “With WindowBlinds 11, you can enjoy the benefits of a modern OS, but also the flexibility to customize the interface to fit your own personal theme.”

Please be aware of the following in regards to WindowBlinds 11:

  • This is paid software ($15 USD during Beta then $20 USD upon release)
  • Will only work on the release versions (not the Windows Insider beta builds) of Windows 10 and Windows 11.

via PC World