YouTube in 4K May Soon Be a Premium Feature

I only watch YouTube on my main PC and laptop. Neither of which are 4K and I don’t own a 4K TV.  However, many people like to watch YouTube in 4K (especially on their mobile devices) and have been doing so for free. That is likely changing…

You might soon need YouTube Premium for more than ditching ads, background playback and trying new features. As MacRumors notes, users on Reddit and Twitter have noticed that YouTube is asking some viewers to upgrade to Premium to watch videos in 4K resolution. It’s not clear which countries, devices or videos are affected, but this won’t be thrilling if you were hoping for better than 1440p on your computer or tablet.

YouTube Premium is $10 USD per month or $120 USD, the same price is Peacock’s ad-free Premium Plus. Yes, I know Peacock and YouTube are two very different services, but I wanted to give you a perspective of what that $10 USD a month can give you. I keep forgetting about ads on YouTube since I use uBlock on Chrome, but of course that is going to change when the Manifest V3 rules go fully into effect. At that time, I may either have to live with the ads or find a different browser (perhaps Brave) to watch YouTube videos.

via Engadet