Updates to Google Chrome for Android

Image by Photo Mix from Pixabay

On Tuesday, October 18th Google Inc. 106,06 -0,20 -0,19% has released an updated version of Chrome for Android. This update focuses mostly on User Interface and Quality of Life improvements with tabs in the Android version of the browser. However, this update does not include the desktop feature Tab Groups. This feature will be added to the Android version of Chrome, just not with this release.

Google has turned its attention to tablets with today’s Chrome on Android update, which focuses on improving tab navigation. The update introduces a side-by-side tab design that makes swapping open pages easier, and an auto-scroll back feature that brings you directly to your previous tab. When tabs become too small, the new Chrome on Android will get rid of the close button on each one, hopefully preventing accidental exits. There’s also a new visual tab layout, which organizes tabs in a grid with a preview of each page.

Google is also adding drag-and-drop among apps, allowing you to take an image, text or link from Chrome and slide it into Gmail, Photos or other programs. Finally, today’s update brings desktop mode to Chrome on Android.

via engadget