Musk Wants to raise Twitter Blue to $20/month and Include Verification Badge

Days after Elon Musk (aka Chief Twit) took over Twitter, he is making big and not so popular opinion plans.  Though much like everything else involving him and Twitter this could (and hopefully will) change. Now he wants to raise the monthly subscbrtion fee for the Twitter Blue and also have the service include a verification badge.

$20 sounds like a lot of money just to get a verified badge and many folks like Kara Swisher are not ready to pay that amount. A poll by investor Jason Calacanis — to which Musk replied “interesting” — also has a majority of the people saying no to paying any amount for verification.

The central point of the verification program was to identify genuine profiles of political leaders, celebrities, researchers, and journalists so users don’t fall for the information posted by fake accounts. If the new verification process goes through, it might be a free-for-all where any paid user can pretend to be a person of prominence for a while and spread misinformation.

Chief Twit wants this new plan implemented by November 7th or else a whole lot of employee are going to be out of a job. All currently verified users will also have 90-days to start paying the monthly fee for Twitter Blue or they loose their verified badge. Unlike Tesla and Space X however, Musk has a much larger users base/customers he needs to keep happy. The most influential customers are going to b the ones who will baulk at having pay $20 a month to keep their verification badge. So don’t be surprised if he decided this wasn’t such a great idea….may be like his idea about reviving Vine?

via Tech Crunch | Engadget