Four More Malicious Adware Apps Discover on Google Play

Here we go again, more malicious apps serving adware, preforming click-fraud and trying to trick mobile users into installing malware were discovered by Malware Bytes. These fours apps are on Google Play in a developer’s account: Mobile apps Group.  These four fraudulent apps have accumulated over 1-Million combined installs.

A set of four malicious applications currently available in Google Play, the official store for the Android system, are directing users sites that steal sensitive information or generate ‘pay-per-click’ revenue for the operators.

Some of these sites offer victims to download fake security tools or updates, to trick users into installing the malicious files manually.

Fake update notice on new Chrome tab
Fake update notice on new Chrome tab (Malwarebytes)

Since these apps are hosted on a developer’s account they are still currently on the Google Play Store. If your device has been acting strange….such as your mobile browser ransoming opening with an ad (usually after 72-hours from installation), you might have one of these apps installed and you should remove them immediately:

  • Bluetooth Auto Connect, with over 1,000,000 installs
  • Bluetooth App Sender, with over 50,000 installs
  • Driver: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB, with over 10,000 installs
  • Mobile transfer: smart switch, with over 1,000 installs

via Bleeping Computer