Chief Twit wants Twitter ‘Edit’ Button to be Free

…and not just for Twitter Blue subscribers, but everyone. The new Twitter Blue is expected to be live by November 7th (the date Musk is demanding or those employees responsible would be out of a job). The new Twitter Blue was initially going to be $19.99 per month. However, after a Twitter exchange with American Author Stephen King on Tuesday, Musk may drop the price for the new Twitter Blue to $8 USD (and pricing in other countries based on ‘their spending power’) per month. Twitter Blue is suppose to include several other features (ad-free content is not one of them). However, verification of identify genuine profiles of political leaders, celebrities, researchers, and journalists is going to be locked behind having Twitter Blue.

For now, Twitter’s edit button is only available to subscribers in the current version of Twitter Blue, which costs $4.99 a month and is only live in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The feature gives users a 30-minute window to change their tweets, and includes a revision history.

Musk so far hasn’t publicly talked (or tweeted) about his plans for the edit button since taking control of the company. But the feature was one of the first Twitter-related topics he raised after he first acquired a large stake in the company this spring. And Twitter confirmed it was working on the feature just hours after Musk polled his followers on whether the platform should have an edit feature. (Millions of his followers vote “yse” in the poll — Twitter has previously said an edit button has long been its most-requested feature.)

This would be a nice QOL feature, being able to edit your Tweets within the first thirty-minutes of posting them. Also nice this could be free for all users. At the same time though Musk is taking away unique and useful features from Twitter Blue and making the premium service more about ‘verification badges’. The two issues with this are not everyone needs verification, just well known users (political leaders, celebrities, researchers, and journalists) and almost none of them are willing to pay ANY monthly fee to have a verified badge/status.

via Engadget