New Twitter Blue is Coming

It appears Chief Twit’s demands for the new Twitter Blue to be launched on Monday, November 7th are happening (sort of) . There has been some pre-launch testing happening on iOS. This testing has confirmed the new $7.99 USD price for Twitter Blue with the blue verification badge (or more like paid status symbol), however some of the other mentioned features are still ‘coming soon’.

According to an in-app iOS notification viewed by TechCrunch, the upgraded Twitter Blue, starting at $7.99 per month, will add the blue verification checkmark previously reserved for accounts that applied through Twitter’s free verification process. Other benefits listed as “coming soon” include “half the ads” seen by non-paying Twitter users as well as ostensibly “twice as relevant” ads (Blue previously removed ads entirely), and the ability to post longer videos to Twitter.

It’s not clear just how long those videos can be, by the way. The language about the new Twitter Blue doesn’t specify. But in a tweet this afternoon, Musk said that the current cap is 42 minutes for 1080p video, a technical limit which he expects will be increased sometime this month.

Twitter Blue with verification

Image Credits: TechCrunch

One thing is clear, Twitter Blue is going to include (less) ads (versus no ads) at the old $4.99 USD price. Of course, that is if there any advertisers left to serve those ‘much better’ ads for. Though there’s always political ads and those are NOT ‘much better’.  Seems like there is no getting away from those. However, the US election is only a couple more (long) days away so hopefully those annoying ads will be long gone….until the next election.

via TechCrunch