Twitter: Well This Is Awkward…

Rumor has it Chief Twit bit off a bit more then he could chew with the massive lay-offs on Friday. Seems, they have let some employees go that they hadn’t intended to or didn’t realized they needed to fulfil Musk’s grand plans to breathe new life into the 16-year old platform.

Mere days after cutting its workforce in half, Twitter is asking some employees to return, according to Bloomberg. Citing two sources within the company, the outlet reports management at Twitter has come to the realization it either let some workers off by accident or without realizing their experience was essential to building the features Elon Musk wants to bring to the platform.

Platformer’s Casey Newton was the first to report on the company’s plan, sharing messages from one of its internal Slack channels. One post suggests the company is in need of Android and iOS developers.

The key question here is how many of these employees would return? There is no loyalty to Musk, especially after he gutted half the workforce a little after a week from buying Twitter.  Stay tuned….

via Engadget