No More Working Remote for Twitter Employees

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

We shall call this step #4 in Chief Twit’s ultimate plan to kill Twitter. To recap the plan so far:

This tactic might work with Tesla and SpaceX which both have more employees than Twitter (Tesla 99K, SpaceX 9.5K, Twitter 7.5K pre-layoff). However, Twitter employees are a different breed and much like employees of other tech companies have come expect to be able to work remotely. We will see how long before Twitter Employees start leaving in droves. Even for those employees who don’t nescrailly mind working in the office, they may soon discover the environment is a bit more toxic then they could handle. The unfortunate timing of this is while their talents are highly sought after by other tech companies, those same tech companies are also downsizing.

Twitter fostered a remote work culture during the pandemic, allowing many employees to work from home. It also instituted regular additional rest days for employees, another initiative Musk has axed, saying that Twitter’s turnaround will require “intense work.” Musk ’s other companies, SpaceX and Tesla, also require mandatory in-office work unless management specifically approves it. When he wrote to both sets of workers, he said that visibility was key for senior leadership, who should be seen to be working alongside their subordinates.

via engadget