Microsoft will make Surface 9 Pro Parts Available to Consumers in 2023

Image by adrian x from Pixabay

Late last month Microsoft Corporation 255,02 +0,33 +0,13% release the next generation of their tablet computer. The Surface Pro 9 release on October 25, 2022, has been re-designed to make it easier for consumers to repair (instead of having to replace) the device. Microsoft will also make more parts available for purchase by consumers and repairs shops during the first half of 2023.

That improved stance is reflected in the company’s latest designs. Microsoft says repairability [sic] was a “major focus” in the Surface Pro 9’s construction, and iFixit has confirmed as much in its independently run teardown of the Windows tablet. The user-accessible SSD is just the start. The battery is screwed in rather than glued, and the display is easier to remove when you’re digging into the internals. This is the “most repairable” Surface yet, according to iFixit, and a sharp contrast with the notoriously difficult-to-fix builds of the past.

Microsoft and other device makers are facing increased regulatory pressure to make their devices easier for consumers to repair their devices. This includes providing repair manuals as well as parts. Besides being economically beneficial for consumers these ‘right-to-repair’ initiatives also benefits the environment by reducing the amount of e-waste being generated by consumers replacing their devices when they break.

via engadget