Twitter is Hiring!

Image by Q K from Pixabay

Yep, you’ve read that right Twitter has announced they are hiring for sales (which came the same day they laid off employees from same department) and engineering. This announcement also backs my theory the reason the new Twitter Blue re-release is on hold is not (at least entirely) to ensure the verification issues have been resolved, but rather Twitter doe not have the needed staff to accomplish this (and all the new features Musk wants to add).

Twitter won’t be firing and laying off more people, Elon Musk reportedly told the staff members who remained after asking employees to commit to an “extremely hardcore” Twitter during an all-hands meeting. According to The Verge, which heard a partial recording of the event, the company is even actively looking for people to fill roles in engineering and sales. Musk apparently made the announcement on the same day layoffs hit the company’s sales and partnerships teams. Robin Wheeler, Twitter’s head of ad sales, and VP of partnerships Maggie Suniewick were reportedly fired for opposing Musk’s directive to cut more employees. Of course, these all happened after the website’s new owner ordered layoffs that cut the company’s workforce in half.

This is not the first time (and likely not the last) Twitter has ended up letting more people go then they should have. A couple days after the massive layoffs at the beginning of this month, Twitter asked some of those recently laid off employees to return. I suppose this is covered under Musk’s “Twitter will do dumb things” warning tweet.

via Engadget