EU Threating Twitter Ban over Content Moderation Issues

Image by Ralph from Pixabay

Besides death and taxes, another thing certain in life is if the EU comes after your company it is going to hurt. This is something Google, Apple and HP know all too well.

A European regulator today reportedly threatened Elon Musk with a continent-wide ban on Twitter if the company fails to enforce content moderation rules required by the Digital Services Act. Also today, Twitter claimed it hasn’t changed any policies—even though it stopped enforcing rules against COVID misinformation.

A very literal interpretation of Twitter’s “none of our policies have changed” claim might say it’s technically accurate—instead of rewriting the COVID misinformation policy, Twitter just stopped enforcing it. But that’s a big change in how content is moderated, and the reversal of the ban on former President Donald Trump and other controversial users signals a different approach to rules enforcement under Musk’s ownership.

via Ars Technica