Twitter offering ‘incentives’ to get Advertisers Back

Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay

In Elon Musk’s notable Tweet replying to American author Stephen King about Twitter Blue’s pricing he admitted “Twitter cannot rely entirely on advertisers'”. With the on going issues of getting Twitter Blue up and going again after the ‘Blue Checkmark’ disaster and with many advertisers leaving, it seems Musk may be charging his toon in hope of getting revenue flowing again to avoid bankruptcy. Musk recently tried to assure advertisers “none of Twitter Policies Have Changed” (though he omitted their COVID Misinformation Policy did change). In his defense though Musk is right, the policies haven’t changed…just the enforcement;’ either because of lack of staffing or for ‘Free Speech’ reasons. However, Musk did slap Ye’s (Kanye West) Twitter account with a 12-hour suspension for “tweeting an antisemitic [sic] image”.

Now Twitter is offering incentives for brands to come back and advertise on Twitter.

In one email sent to advertising agencies, a copy of which was seen by the Financial Times, Twitter said that it was launching its “largest advertiser incentive ever” in December, offering additional impressions if brands spent a certain amount.

According to the email, Twitter will match the spending of those who pay at least $500,000 with a cap of $1 million per advertiser. Those spending $350,000 will receive “50 percent value add”—meaning they receive additional impressions worth half of what they spend. A $200,000 investment grants advertisers a “25 percent value add,” or extra impressions worth a quarter of what they spend.

via Ars Technica