December 5, 2022

More Malicious Android Apps found on Google Play

This seems to be getting way too fairly common. The good news is if users have Google Protect enabled (which they would by default unless they go in and disable it), these malicious apps will be removed from their device once Google removes the offending app from Google Play. Users should follow the old advice, “if it sounds too good to be true…don’t install it” when it comes to apps. Also, check the reviews as well as the developers site before installing (especially if you are paying for said app). One app illustrated by Dr. Web that has amassed one…

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Apple has ‘fully resumed’ Advertising on Twitter

Last week Twitter’s Chief Twit through a fit claiming “Apple hates free speech” and Apple was going to remove Twitter from the App Store. Of course as we found out later in the week it was all a “big misunderstanding“. This is good news given Twitter Blue is only supported on iOS (though the relaunch keeps getting pushed back).  Not sure why Musk is so infatuated with Apple (other then it is only platform Twitter Blue will be offered on). Perhaps it is bandwagon logic is since Apple is Twitter’s largest advertiser on Twitter than others will follow too. According…

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