December 6, 2022

Twitter iOS App: Privacy Settings not working.

Things are starting to look up for Twitter with advertisers returning and the App to remain on the App Store. However, there are major problems with the Twitter iOS app when it comes to privacy settings: they are not working. Hmm…how could no one seen this coming? This is exactly what happens when three-quarters of your staff is gone either being fired, laid off or quits…shit starts breaking. In this case it is major stuff such protecting tweets or toggle direct message privacy settings. User on iOS are reporting a pop-up will appear that says “some settings failed to save.”…

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Google Search results on Desktop Changes

A nice QOL update for those who search with Google on their non-mobile devices. No more having to click the next button to see the next page of results. Though I wonder how often do people go beyond the first or may be even second page of results? With that said though, this could help those sites who didn’t quite make it to the first page off Google search results. Google is giving its search results on desktop the “continuous scrolling” treatment over a year after launching the feature on mobile. Continuous scrolling will eliminate the need to click “Next” or the…

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Apple Self Repair Program now in Europe

Apple launched a self repair program for iPhone 12 and 13 along with the Silicon based (not Intel) MacBooks in the US earlier this year. Now the same program has rolled out to eight European countries;  Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, Sweden, and the UK.  Self Repair Kits can be purchased (or rented for a week) at any of the Apple Self Service repair stores. No word on what the cost is to purchase the kit which only the includes tools (manuals and parts are extra) but the weekly rental cost is £54.90 (around $67 USD). Customers may be…

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