December 7, 2022

KB5019980 may break ODBC database connections

Microsoft has acknowledged an issue with the Windows 11 22H2 November 2022 Patch (KB5019980). The issue is causing affected apps to fail to connect to databases via connections using the Microsoft ODBC SQL Server driver. “After installing this update, apps that use ODBC connections through Microsoft ODBC SQL Server Driver (sqlsrv32.dll) to access databases might not connect,” Microsoft explains. “Additionally, you might receive an error in the app, or you might receive an error from the SQL Server.” Microsoft is currently working on a resolution (however that resolution take a bit longer than normal given Microsoft’s minimal operations during the holidays…

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Apple Changing AirDrop settings in iOS 16.2 update

Apple will change the default AirDrop privacy settings with the forthcoming iOS 16.2 update (likely coming December 13th or 14th). With this update the “Everybody” setting once activated will only remain active for 10-minutes before reverting back to “Contacts Only”. Users will no longer be able to set “Everybody” as a default setting. This was first rolled out in China with the iOS 16.1.1 update. Apples is touting this as a security feature “in order to prevent unwanted requests to receive content”. However, it seems rather suspicious not only did Apple rollout this change out in China but timing of…

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