December 8, 2022

Google Chrome can consume less Memory and Battery Power

Microsoft Corporation 252,75 +4,94 +1,99% Edge browser (built off the same Chromium platform) has already implemented the same features with these release of Edge 100 earlier this year. Now Google Inc. 108,80 +7,37 +7,27% Chrome users can enjoy these same memory and energy saving benefits with the upcoming Chrome 108 release for Windows macOS and ChromeOS platforms. Google today announced two new performance settings in its Chrome browser: Memory Saver and Energy Saver. Modern browsers eat up a lot of memory and while that’s not a problem if you have 32GB of RAM, Chrome using multiple gigabytes of your memory…

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Fake Elon: ‘1000 new followers’ get ‘5000 BTC’

Twitter users who have recently started following Elon Musk, Tesla and/or SpaceX are being lured into a Crypto giveaway scam ‘Freedom Giveaway”. These users are being added to a “Deal of the Year” list shortly after they start following one of Musk’s Twitter feeds. For most Twitter accounts, including Musk’s, the list of their followers is public and can be monitored by anyone including bots and threat actors for nefarious purposes. New Musk followers are being added to a “Deal of the Year” list on Twitter that lures them into depositing small crypto amounts into the attackers’ wallet with the false promise of receiving up to 5000 Bitcoin in return….

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Twitter Blue price increasing to $11 a month for iOS

When (or if) Twitter Blue comes back, it will cost $11 USD a month if users purchase their subscription through the app. However, the $7 USD (or is it $8 USD) a month price remains if users purchase their subscription via the web. There had been rumors for the past month that Twitter might get their own payment platform. However, I foresee a couple issues with this. First, is the matter of Twitter having the engineers to create, maintain and not to mention follow all the regulatory requirements for a payment platform. A legitimate conscience given that parts of the…

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