New Chrome feature allows you to Search Chrome

Google Inc. 108,80 +7,37 +7,27% has added a new feature to Chrome build 108.0.5359.95 with the ability to search history, tabs, and bookmarks directly from the Google address bar.

As you probably know, you can open up, say, the Google History (CTRL-H) function within Chrome and search for pages that you’ve opened previously. Ditto for Google Bookmarks. Now, all you need to do is to simply type in @bookmarks@tabs, or @history into the Google address bar to search those functions.

When you do, you’ll see the Google address bar reflect your choice, with a blue textual indicator that you’re searching through your browsing history, for example.

This is great for us power users who have multiple tabs open spread out through multiple Chrome windows in an effort to try to group/arrange tabs….much like the author:

Personally, being able to search open tabs is a godsend, as I always have multiple tabs (as in, about 50 or so) at any one time. I also tend to open multiple windows with groups of tabs, close them in an effort to clean up my desktop, and then forget that I closed something I needed. A quick search of the browser history should solve that.

via PC World