Twitter Developing Feature to Show if Account is Shadowbanned

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

Chief Twit has announced Twitter is in the process of developing a feature to show a user if their Twitter account is Shadowbanned (and why) and how they can appeal. However, the details of when (or if) and how this will be implemented have not yet been revealed. This development is interesting as Twitter has claimed in a blog post from 2018 they don’t do shandowbands, but that was before Chief Twit took over. I am surprised there are still developers around to “develop” this feature. Seeing as other parts of Twitter are falling apart. It is being to sound like most of the Twitter employees left are only developers, not marketing, safety, moderators or even engineers. The latter whom are badly needed to keep Twitter up and running so people can subscribe to the new upcoming (and more expensive) Twitter Blue and for (brave) advertisers to pay Twitter’s bills (even though he has said countless times Twitter can not rely on advertisers).

Musk didn’t talk about how Twitter will be implementing the feature, but he made the announcement shortly after Bari Weiss released part two of The Twitter Files. In the thread, Weiss said that Twitter used “Visibility Filtering,” which is apparently just another term for shadowbanning, on some conservative personalities. Musk once called himself a “free speech absolutist.” After taking control of Twitter, he started lifting the bans on several controversial users, including former President Donald Trump, The Daily Stormer’s infamous neo-Nazi creator Andrew Anglin and other white nationalists.

via Engadget