Twitter Launches ‘Blue for Business’

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

Twitter has relaunched Twitter Blue subscriptions this week in 5 countries including the US with a host of new restrictions (account must be at least 90-days old, been active within the last 30-days, has not change their handle or picture in the last 7-days and must have a verified phone number) and a new $11 USD a month price ($8 if users sign-up on the web instead of via iOS App). Now Twitter is set to introduce “Blue for Business:”.  The details of what is included in the subscription (will it just be the same benefits as the regular Twitter Blue) and pricing are not known at this time. However, “Blue for Business” accounts will have Gold “verified” checkmark (and possibly a squared picture). As a reminder government and “multilateral accounts have/will be getting a Grey checkmark.

Alongside of the relaunch of Twitter Blue, Twitter’s controversial subscription service, Twitter has begun rolling out a new offering called Blue for Business that adds a gold checkmark to company accounts. On a support page, Twitter says Blue for Business, which is currently in testing, is intended to designate that a given Twitter account is a “corporate entity.”

With the various flavors of Blue, Musk seeks to bring Twitter to profitability as the company faces an estimated $1 billion a year in interest payments on $13 billion in debt. It’s likely to be an uphill battle. Data from analytics firm Sensor Tower suggests that Twitter’s app has generated only $6.4 million in in-app purchases to date, with Blue being the top purchase.

via Tech Crunch