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Grand Stream Dreams

Time to remove QuickTime for Windows

Apple APL 0,05 +0,00 +4,55% has ended support for QuickTime for Windows earlier this year. QuickTime 7 was only supported for Windows 7 and older. These users may want to make sure QuickTime is not still installed, especially if they are/were an iTunes user as it was part of the bloat that was installed with iTunes. There are at least two ‘possible’ exploits with the QuickTime 7 for Windows. via grand stream dreams

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Adobe Flash is one of those browser plugins that a lot of people can not live without, with Java being a close second. Problem with Flash (and Java) is there are major security exploits that are being discovered daily. Adobe just release an updated for Flash last week and already has plans on releasing another update this week to patch an exploit just discovered in the last fix. Some people such as Grand Stream Dreams blogger Claus have opted to do away with Flash (and other Adobe products) on some their systems: Taking Flash Player out to the Bins. Unfortuantly,…

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