Netscape 9 Announced

Per the Netscape Blog, Netscape 9 is in the developmental stages now. Much like Netscape 8, it is going to be browser only, it will not have Mail or Composer which were last included with Netscape 7.2 back in August 2004. However, unlike Netscape 8, this version will be released for Mac OS X and Linux as well as Windows. A few more details, this will be based on Firefox 2 (Gecko 1.8), include Live Bookmarks, Netscape Friends’ Activity Sidebar and Netscape Sitemail Notifier. I have no idea when this is going to be released but I am guessing late…

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Flock Can Convert Your Fx Extensions

I use Flock for all my feeds but am disappointed that I could not get my favorite extension CoLT. Tonight I had done a search on the Flock Extensions site and this what was displayed: No results were found for your search query. Please try another or just upload a Firefox extension to convert it so that it will work with Flock. When you click the above link you will be taken to an upload utility where you can either upload the Firefox Extension XPI file or the URL for the XPI file you want to convert to Flock. The…

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More Blog Changes & FileZilla

Thanks to everyone who has commented about the new theme and layout. Based on these comments I have made a couple more tweaks. The old ‘Featured Links’ section use to have ‘buttons’ for all the browsers and some of the blogs. People commented those did not look so great with the rest of the blog. Well, I have to agree the ‘buttons’ were all different sizes and just too big. I have removed all the linked images. Also recategorized the ‘Featured Links’ into either ‘Blogs’ or ‘Internet & Browsers’. I have also added a link to FileZilla, a fast and…

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