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I am not making this up. Microsoft MSFT 261,12 +5,77 +2,26% almost as if in an attempt to get users of Windows 7 to go out and buy a new Windows 10 machine has intentionally broke Windows 7 for users with Asus ASUUY 66,50 0,00 0,00% system boards. Windows update KB3133977 which use to be an “Optional” but recently became a ‘Recommended’ update. This update enables secure boot on Windows 7 (a feature that was previously disabled). Older PC’s with Asus boards don’t support secure boot, which will cause users to get the below red screen upon first bootup after…

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The Return of KB3035583 Part 2

So, was doing some more housekeeping on the school laptop, mainly cleaning it up from some experimenting with XBMC/Kodi in the last couple weeks. I am actually going to be doing more with XBMC/Kodi on a different system once I add a video card which support HDMI and likely will cost more than I paid for the computer (only paid $25 for the computer from a local eWaste Re-seller and put another $53 into for 2 GB of RAM). Anyway, I noticed I had updates waiting to be installed. This time, I carefully looked at the list and what do…

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Tablet News Week of February 24th

Lots of tablet news during this week’s 2013 Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona: HP Unveils $170 Android Tablet Slate 7 – You get what you pay for here. The specs are not that impressive 1.6 GHz dual-core processor, 1024 x 600 pixels 7-inch screen, 8 GB of internal storage. The only good thing it has going for it is a microSD slot for expansion of up to 32 GB. Intel Unveils its new Mobile & Tablet Strategy at MWC 2013 – Further proof that Intel is leaving the PC board market. They have launched the dual-core Atom “Clover Trail+” SoC, the XMM…

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