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Windows 10 Anniversary Update

It has been about 3-months since I last posted. I had to retire the machine I was running Windows 10 on, an old Dell Optiplex as it was having hardware issues. I did not want to be putting money into a system that is over 10-years old, especially since I only paid $25 for it last year. Yet, I currently do not plan on upgrading anytime soon to Windows 10 on either of my two machines (Gateway Windows 8 Desktop and HP Windows 7 Laptop). Still not sure what I am going to do as I would like to try out Windows 10…

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PC Sales are Declining Rapidly

News came out the end of last week, that for the second straight quarter PC Sales have declined and this is the biggest decline in the last two years. One of the factors was an unusually big push in PC sales last year because of Microsoft phasing out Windows XP. The Windows 10 release is just around the corner and that may end up further hurting the PC market. Consumers won’t need to rush out and and buy a new PC simply to get Windows 10. Microsoft offering a free upgrade during the first 12-months of Windows 10 release to those who have…

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