XP Support Continues

Just because Windows Vista is being released today does not mean Mozilla is going to stop supporting Windows XP after the upcoming Firefox 3 release later this year. The only reason Mozilla ended support for Windows 95/98/Me with the upcoming Firefox 3 release was because Microsoft discontinued support for these obsolete operating systems. Mozilla’s plans are as long as Microsoft continues to support Windows XP, they will continue to support XP with future Firefox releases. So now million dollar question: When does Microsoft plan to discontinue Windows XP support? The answer depends on if you were using XP Home or…

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Windows Vista Updates

Allrightythen, now that both Firefox & Thunderbird have been released there is not much Mozilla news right now. However, there is lots of Microsoft news, including some regarding Windows Vista: On November 8th, Microsoft announced Windows Vista is completed and will be released January 30, 2007. Todd Bishop (Seattle Post Intelligencer) did some checking in the Seattle area and discovered there are some PC retailers are getting orders for Windows Vista Systems, but still not much demand at this time. What Vista Sounds Like (Compared to Windows XP) QuickTime Video Actually, they sound very similar. Vista sounds however…

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Sygate Personal Firewall

To put it mildly the firewall that comes with Windows XP sucks!  It is a pain in the rear to try and configure as you have to create entries for each port the programs are going to access.  I have heard not so great things about Zone Alarm. Thanks to a tip from a member over at Go Firefox!, I looked into and have been using Sygate Personal Firewall. What I love about Sygate is the simple interface and configuration.  If an application is trying to connect to the Internet, Sygate will popup and and inform you that this application…

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Murphy’s Law & Windows Demonstrations

As Murphy’s Law goes, “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” This is especially true when you are trying to do a live product demonstration. From my friends over at CyberNet Tech News: Windows Demonstrations That Have Gone Wrong features four You Tube videos including: The infamous Windows Vista Speech ‘Wreck-ognition’ Why Windows 98 wasn’t release ‘Yet’ Bill Gates on Conan Plus a bonus video of MacWorld Bloopers One word of caution, DO NOT attempt to drink and watch these videos at the same time!!!

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Update: Time to Replace Those Old Windows

As y’all may recall, I finally broke down and installed Windows XP SP2 on my system. Well recently while working on a computer for someone else I ran into a bit..okay more like major problem after I installed SP2 on the computer. I couldn’t get on the Internet anymore! ‘Group Policy’ was blocking access to the Internet because Windows XP thinks their computer is on a home network. Technically it is, but is not. This is the way their ISP configures Windows so both computers in the household can access the Internet at the same time. Frustrated I removed SP2…

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Time to Replace Those Old Windows

From the Microsoft Windows Site: End of support for Windows 98 and Windows Me July 11, 2006 will bring a close to Extended Support for Windows 98, Windows 98 Second Edition, and Windows Me as part of the Microsoft Lifecycle Policy. Microsoft will retire public and technical support, including security updates, by this date. End of support for Windows XP Service Pack 1 On October 10, 2006, Microsoft will end all public assisted support for Windows XP Service Pack1 (SP1). After this date, Microsoft will no longer provide any incident support options or security updates for this retired service pack…

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There are some extensions that I simply wonder how did I ever get along with out them? FoxyTunes is one of those extensions. Since I am always using WinAmp to listen to my music anytime I am using the computer, not just surfing the web, FoxyTunes makes things so much simpler. With FoxyTunes, you can control (right from the Firefox browser) virtually any music/media player including: WinAmp Real Player iTunes Windows Media Players Yahoo!Music Engine and many more (see the extension page for a complete listing) Once installed, FoxyTunes adds all the player controls on to the status bar (see…

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Mitchell Baker Talks to About Mozilla in the Enterprise has an interview with Mitchell Baker, which focuses on the limited success of Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird in the enterprise market to date. The Mozilla Corporation President attributes some of the lack of success to a reliance on proprietary technologies within some businesses. She singles out intranets that only work with Microsoft Internet Explorer as a particular problem. However, she claims that the fact that Firefox is open-source does not on its own hold back adoption in large organisations. [complete article] I have to say this quote describes…

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