A Splash Screen For Fx & TBird

Thunderbird and Firefox more so (if you have lots of extensions), do take sometime to start up. This extension displays a “splash” (loading) screen for Firefox, Thunderbird and Sunbird (Mozilla’s calendar application) while the application starts. At the end of this article are samples of the Fx and Thunderbird splash screens.

Oddly enough it does seem like the applications are launching a little faster with the splash screen. If anything at least you know the application is loading. I’ve had cases where Fx took so long to load from when I click the icon and I end up clicking again thinking it didn’t work the first time around. Then I end up with Fx in two windows, not a big deal just closed the extra browser window.

Splash is about 24K and works with:

  • Firefox 1.5 – 3.0a2
  • Sunbird 0.3a1 – 0.4a1
  • Thunderbird 1.5 – 3.0a1

Default Fx Splash Screen

Default Thunderbird Splash Screen

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