What Makes Firefox So Great, Anyway?

Charlie Gavin (Blank Pixels) has compiled a simple four-item list as to What Makes Firefox  So Great.

With all this talk about Google’s impending “revolutionary” web browser and it’s potential threat to Mozilla’s best selling (er… open-source) web browser, I think it’s time to go back and take a look at what made Firefox so great in the first place. A direct descendent of the Mozilla Application Suite (and the only current surviving member) Firefox has been favored by geeks — and most everybody else — since it’s initial release in 2004.

Here are Charlie’s reasons:

  1. It’s Reputation
  2. It’s Competition
  3. Customization, Customization
  4. It Just Works

While all four are valid and great reasons I am strongly drawn to reason #3: Customization, Customization. Back on Christmas Day 2005 was when I took a look at Firefox for the first time. I had grown tired of Internet Exploiter with all its security holes and bugs. Someone had told me about Firefox so I decided to try it out. Once I got it downloaded, installed and running, it was then I discovered the extensions and just how powerful and customized they can make Firefox.

I have grown so accustom to my customized Firefox I use at home that I feel lost when I am at work using Firefox (I have limited amount of network space so I need to keep the number of add-ons to a minimum) or worse yet Internet Exploiter. It is amazing how much customizations can be made to Firefox just with the Greasemonkey, Personas and Stylish add-ons. Even more customization is possible via About:Config and the userChrome.css file modifications. Of course there are 1000’s of other add-ons just waiting to be discovered at AMO.

Chances are some time in the future (may be when Google moves it out of ‘Beta’) Chrome will support and have its own add-ons. After all, Internet Exploiter does and so does Opera. In the meantime, I am going to stick to Firefox as my primary browser, much like many others who have tried out Chrome.

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