Gates-Seinfeld Shoe Store Commercial

Could come someone kindly explain what the heck this Microsoft Commercial featuring Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld is suppose to be about? It makes about as much sense as an episode of Seinfeld! I am guessing it could be something to do with Windows 7, but really don’t have a clue…


ETA: Just saw a shorter version on The Discovery Channel the other night.

Found via Todd Bishop’s Microsoft Blog

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  1. It’s using celeb power (Bill Gates + Jerry Seinfeld) to advertise Jerry’s randomness, show Bill Gates as more of a person (but still a nerd & inadvertently have those who don’t know yet still think Bill is still in charge), and to sell they ‘eye-candy’ that is Aero.

    Overall, with these three goals that I see in it, it manages to confuse people. It took me two or three views to understand what the heck it was…

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