Blue Frog

A while back on the Go Firefox! Forum, the humble Guru was asked about Blue Frog Anti Spam extension and software. The extension and software (about 4 MB) are suppose to reduce the amount of Spam you get by making spammers remove all Blue Community members from their mailing lists. The software will automatically run in the background when you access your web e-mail accounts (Yahoo!, G-Mail, Hotmail, etc) and go through your junk/bulk folder and report the spam. For Desktop mail clients (Thunderbird, Outlook, Eudora, etc.) you will need to forward the messages directly to a special address you will be assigned when you sign up.

Once a registered member, you can protect up to 10 e-mail addresses and one domain. Been registered for about a week now and have seen a slight but noticeable reduction in the amount of Spam I have been getting on my Yahoo! account. It actually seemed to be more effective on my ISP e-mail accounts, my Junk Folder in Thunderbird is piratically empty.

Over the next couple weeks I’ll keep tabs on my Yahoo! account and see how much more of a reduction of Spam I will get. Speaking of Yahoo! if you are having issues with your Firefox crashing when trying to access Yahoo! Mail and you are running Blue Frog and/or AdBlock Plus there is a bug in the plug-in for Yahoo!Messenger. The workaround is to remove the plug-in by deleting the following file: C:/Program Files/Yahoo!/Shared/npYState.dll (or where your Yahoo! Messenger is installed).