Has Blue Frog Croaked?

Over the past 48 hours there has been a lot of ‘rumors’ and ‘chatter’ that just may be Blue Frog croaked and that the Do Not Intrude Registry database has been compromised. Their web site has been inaccessible since May 1st due to various DoS (Denial of Service) attacks. On to top of that, apparently a desperate group of spammers are claiming they sent out this message to ALL the registered users of Blue Frog on May 1st:


You are recieving this email because you are a member of BlueSecurity (http://www.bluesecurity.com).

You signed up because you were expecting to recieve a lesser amount of spam, unfortunately, due to the tactics used by BlueSecurity, you will end up recieving this message, or other nonsensical spams 20-40 times more than you would normally.

How do you make it stop?

Simple, in 48 hours, and every 48 hours thereafter, we will run our current list of BlueSecurity subscribers through BlueSecurity’s database, if you arent there.. you wont get this again.

We have devised a method to retrieve your address from their database, so by signing up and remaining a BlueSecurity user not only are you opening yourself up for this, you are also potentially verifying your email address through them to even more spammers, and will end up getting up even more spam as an end-result.

By signing up for bluesecurity, you are doing the exact opposite of what you want, so delete your account, and you will stop recieving this.

Why are we doing this?

Its simple, we dont want to, but BlueSecurity is forcing us. We would much rather not waste our resources and send you these useless mails.

Its simple, we dont want to, but BlueSecurity is forcing us. We would much rather not waste our resources and send you these useless mails, but do not believe for one second that we will stop this tirade of emails if you choose to stay with BlueSecurity.

Just remember one thing when you read this, we didnt do this to you, BlueSecurity did.

If BlueSecurity decides to play fair, we will do the same.

Just remove yourself from BlueSecurity, and make it easier on you.

Gena Elmore

So what does this mean? Nothing! It just more spam and empty threats by a spammer. A few observations:

  1. Looks like a typical spam/phising e-mail, poor grammar, misspelled words and the poor souls are using keyboards that don’t have an apostrophe (‘) key!
  2. Of the four address I have registered with Blue Frog/Security, NONE of them got this message (and others have said they have gotten it on some but not all of their registered addresses).
  3. I have seen a slight increase of spam (more like future spam as the e-mails are dated 05/03-05/10) on my Yahoo! account
  4. My ISP e-mail accounts appear to be getting less spam than it has before
  5. The ‘future’ spam I am getting appears to be multiple copies or variation of the same spam, another words I am getting recycled spam, nothing new.
  6. How are we suppose to ‘remove’ ourselves if they have taken down the Blue Security site with DoS attacks?

In the meantime while were waiting for the dust to settle from the DoS attacks on Blue Security’s sites, check out this article: Enabling the Complaint Department, for more information about Blue Security.