Colorful Tabs Just Got More Colorful

On April 27th, a new version (1.2) of Colorful Tabs extension was released. For those of you who are not familiar with this extension, it assigns each tab in your FF tab bar a different color. Some of the documented changes in this version included making it so that closing a tab did not change the color of the tabs around it. Also no longer is there the limitation of colored tabs after the 32nd tab.

Now this got me thinking, if you have 32 tabs open they have to be so narrow how could you even distinguish the colors? For that matter why would someone have 32+ tabs open?

A fellow member over at Go Firefox! was kind enough to confirm a theory I had about an undocumented change. It appears there is no longer a set color order for the tabs when you open new tabs. Now, when a new tab opens it is random color and there also seems to be more colors now (or least different shades).

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