Firefox 2.0 New Feature: Tab Overflow

While I was searching for news on an updated release schedule for Firefox 2.0, I came across an article over on about a new feature called Tab Overflow. This feature showed up in the Beta 1 release earlier this month. Funny I don’t recall seeing anything in the What’s New, must fall under the general category of ‘Changes to tabbed browsing behavior’.

According to the article, the tests performed by, showed that this feature kicked in after opening 17 tabs while running at the 1024×768 resolution. The Tab Overflow feature will allow you scroll through your open tabs in the tab bar and still see what they are. A long time ago I took a look at the very hefty (weighing in at 266K), Tab Mix Plus extension and one of the options it allowed was a double decked tab bar.

Next time I fire up FF 2.0 Beta 1, I’ll have to experiment with this. But I just can’t see having 17 tabs opened at once. As it is now, I have 8 opened and for me that is a lot. The feature is suppose to be improved in the Beta 2 release due out August 8th. Which will likely be the next time I do anything with FF 2.0, unless I do some testings for Go Firefox!