Update: Time to Replace Those Old Windows

As y’all may recall, I finally broke down and installed Windows XP SP2 on my system. Well recently while working on a computer for someone else I ran into a bit..okay more like major problem after I installed SP2 on the computer. I couldn’t get on the Internet anymore! ‘Group Policy’ was blocking access to the Internet because Windows XP thinks their computer is on a home network. Technically it is, but is not. This is the way their ISP configures Windows so both computers in the household can access the Internet at the same time.

Frustrated I removed SP2 from that computer until I could find out a way to remove the ‘Group Policy’. I thought I had found such a method so I went ahead and tried to reinstall SP2. May be there was a problem downloading SP2 not sure, but it would not install. I am going to end up doing a full recovery on that computer and opted not to install SP2.

So what happens if you don’t install SP2:

  • You get this annoying message (which can be disabled) from Windows Update telling you no more support (tech support and updates) after October 10th. Well, there are folks out there still running Windows 95 and I ain’t going to pay to get Microsoft tech support anyway.
  • You won’t be able to run the Windows Defender which is basically the old MS Anti Spyware and firewall. Since I started using Firefox, the amount of Spyware on my computer dropped to nearly nill. I use a third-party (and free) firewall program. I truly dislike the Windows Firewall, especially the one that comes with SP2.
  • You won’t be able to use Media Player 10. I don’t use Media Player. For MP3’s I use Nullsoft’s WinAmp and for video’s Real Player
  • You won’t be able to use IE7. I don’t want to use IE7, especially after I went to install the beta version and it advised me to disable my virus protection and firewall and to BACKUP my system. I also wonder what kinda spyware crap will be installed with IE7. It is bad enough that MS Windows Genuine Advantage is behaving like spyware. MS is facing a couple lawsuits regarding this anti-piracy tool.

I have ended up removing SP2 from my system today and then ran all the updates need for SP1. I figure as long as I keep my virus protection up to date and continue using the Firewall I should be fine. Especially since I am using Firefox and Thunderbird instead of Internet Exploiter and Outhouse. Also there are plenty of free anti spyware programs such as Spybot and Lavasoft’s Adware.

At the point the only thing Microsoft on my system is Windows itself. I have ditched MS Office for Sun Microsystem’s Open Office and Front Page as since been replaced with Nvu which is based off the old Mozilla Composer. Both of these applications, just like Firefox and Thunderbird are free to download, use and since they are open-source make changes as you desire.

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  1. i was wondering if you have had or heard of trouble with Winamp installing on a brand new computer .. i had a hp a1550e. an i could ot get winamp to download . I had to return 2 computer to HP becaue of what they say are faulty AMD processers…. And wya …I was just wanting to know if i was alone in this ….

  2. Very odd, I have not heard of any issues. I know I installed WinAmp on my friend’s new computer last October, I think it was either an HP or Compaq. I tend to stay away from ‘off-the-shelf’ systems too.

  3. Sounds like you’re ready to switch to linux. lol ^^

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