Update: FF 2.0 Release Schedule (Yet Again)

FF 2.0 Beta 2 has been delayed yet again, this time to August 30th. No official word as to what is causing the delays although rumor has it, may have something to do with the ‘Visual Refresh’. Here the latest release schedule per the Mozilla Developers Calendar:

  • August 30th – Beta 2 UPDATED
  • September 19th – Release Candidate 1
  • TBA – Release Candidate 2
  • TBA – Release Candidate 3

In my State of the Fox entry from last week I pointed out a couple comments from Mike Schroepfer about the FF 2.0 release schedule:

“He says Firefox 2.0 “definitely ship by the end of this year…with beta 2 out sometime in August.” Kinda cutting it close on the beta 2 release as we are already up to August 23rd, but another week’s delay would put it August 30th. I’m little surprised, but then again not about the ‘definitely ship by the end of this year’ comment. Granted FF 2.0 has taken a bit longer then expected, granted not as bad as IE 7 or Windows Vista. But still year’s end? Last we heard we were looking at then end of September (26th).”

I guessed correctly about the week’s delay on Beta 2. However, I wondering now when FF 2.0 is going to ship since now the Mozilla Developers Calendar doesn’t have anything past RC1 in late September. This announcement is a bit ironic being Microsoft announced today, Windows Vista will ship as scheduled which is either November or January depending if business or consumer edition.

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