Minefield (Firefox 3.0a1)

In response to my recent Browser Smörgåsbord entry, some folks have asked for a link to get Minefield (Firefox 3.0a1). It took some hunting on the Mozilla FTP server but here is the link to folder with the latest nightly of Minefield:


Please keep in mind Minefield is still in early development and may not be very stable (this may have improved since the previous nightly I had was from sometime in August).

2 Comments on Minefield (Firefox 3.0a1)

  1. JFYI: Minefield isn’t beta. Not even alpha.

    See http://www.mozilla.org/projects/minefield/

  2. Odd because when I do Help, About Firefox it comes up as 3.0a1 which I kinda thought was a bit odd.

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