Update: YouTube by Google?

Earlier I had reported a possible e-mail rumor about Google in talks of acquiring YouTube. There has been a lot of talk about this from Wall Street Journal to many of the major tech blogs. So, this may be not just be a rumor after all. According to the Yahoo! article: Report: Google in talks to buy YouTube, “Representatives from Google and YouTube did not immediately return calls to The Associated Press.” It would seem to me if this were just a mere ‘rumor’ the AP would have heard back from one these two companies, even if it is just a simple generic ‘no comment as this time’ statement.

Ryan on CyberNet News >> Google To Buy YouTube = GooTube? brings up an interesting question in regards to Google business strategy if they were to go through with this:

“The primary question that I was asking myself was whether Google would keep the two video services separate or combine YouTube into Google Video. I would think that they would keep them separate just so YouTube users don’t get confused and leave, but I am sure that they would put Adsense on the page to help generate revenue. They may, however, allow users to cross-search both sites when they are performing a search to help increase the quality of the results that are returned.”

I have not done used (at least that I can recall) Google Video before, but have used YouTube on a handful of occasions. So I am not really able to give a fair evaluation as to which of the two ‘services’ would be the better. Although I think YouTube is much more popular as for now it is NOT part of Google or any other large portal service.

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