Firefox 2.0 RC2 Released Today

In an unexpected move, Mozilla has gone ahead and released Firefox RC2 today (3:00 PDT), just hours after releasing the second RC for this milestone. You can get your copy via the Mozilla FTP server or from CyberNet News >> Mozilla Jumps Ahead And Releases Firefox 2 RC2 Today

As of today there are 18 days left until the ‘projected’ release date for Firefox 2.0! But, Mozilla still plans on doing an RC3 before the final release. 18 days may not seem like enough time, but given how the RC milestones have been coming out, it is possible..

  • RC1 ~ September 27th
  • RC2 ~ October 6th

I would guess RC3 would have to come out some time around October 13th or 16th, to give Mozilla enough time to make sure everything is ready for the final version on the 24th. Now, should we start taking bets as to how soon after Firefox 2.0 is released, they will come out with 2.0.1 build?

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