Firefox 2.0 Themes

Some folks (such as Paul Thurrott) are not that thrilled with the new theme for Firefox 2. Personally, I like the new look as it is bold, yet simple and refreshing. But for those of you who would rather keep the familiar Firefox 1.5 theme, I have bad news, Mozilla no longer provides that theme for Firefox 2. But, thanks to Ryan at CyberNet News you can find a link to the old Firefox 1.5 theme in his article >> Don’t Forget: The Firefox 1.x Theme Is Always Available.

If you are wanting to check out some other themes for Firefox 2, be sure to visit Firefox Add-Ons: Themes. Warning: If you have not been to this site in a while, be prepared for a big design change!


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  1. I like the new design. It makes the browser feel more solid yet still open & usable.

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