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Now that Firefox 2 has been released I thought it would be nice if all the tweaks I have written about in the past couple months (and beyond) were in one easy place. So listed belows are links to all my Firefox 2 Tweaks entries as well as a link to CyberNet News for a tweak I did not cover. From time to time I will update this list as more tweaks are added. This list was last updated on 01/01/08.

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  1. How about a Find Bar tweak to move the darn thing entirely or to combine its functionality with the Search Box? Those moving over to Firefox from Opera are used to having a “Find in Page” option as a choice in the regular search box drop-down. It’s a logical combination of two related features and saves on screen real estate. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any way to duplicate the feature in Firefox. The closest available option is to install the official Google Toolbar and replace the Firefox search box entirely, then move the Highlighter and Word Find buttons up beside the search box and hide the Google Toolbar. Yikes! All that effort, not to mention the extra memory usage and potential conflicts caused by the Google Toolbar, just for a simple feature like that? Isn’t there an easier way?

    look at bottom of screen for search entry input, will search the page character by character as typed and turn red if character string has no match. Better than Opera.

  3. Oops, EDIT not EXIT ! MB

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