Why Windows Vista and Office 2007 are so Expensive

Vista UltimateAlmost two months ago Microsoft announced the prices for Windows Vista and Office 2007 (see Update: Windows Vista Prices). Perhaps the new packaging (scroll down for more) has something to do with the higher prices? Here are few other blog sites comments:

From CyberNet News:

“Somehow The Vista Team Blog came up with a very unique way of making it sound like the packaging alone is worth hundreds of dollars. Shall we see how many words you can use describe a package:

“Designed to be user-friendly, the new packaging is a small, hard, plastic container that’s designed to protect the software inside for life-long use. It provides a convenient and attractive place for you to permanently store both discs and documentation.

The new design will provide the strength, dimensional stability and impact resistance required when packaging software today.”

From CruchGear:

“As we all recall, Microsoft has been famous for slapping all kinds of crazy crap on its product boxes. Well, that’s about to change, possibly because they can’t find any pictures of happy Vista users.”

From Gizmodo:

“Microsoft, planning to lure you into using Windows Vista and Office 2007 for the rest of your life, today reveals the packaging for the upcoming products, going with a rounded design reminiscent of a 1950s toaster.”

Also see Todd Bishop’s MS Blog: Analyzing the Vista and Office 2007 packaging »

I have to laugh at the comments from The Vista Team Blog, “…that’s designed to protect the software inside for life-long use.” What the heck is ‘life-long use’, the product will be obsolete in a couple years and in a few more years Microsoft will force you to go to a newer version. But your Vista and Office software, now useless is still in the same pristine condition it was in when you shelled out the few hundred dollars.

In many ways I am surprised Microsoft is going to make such a big deal out of packaging. Considering how inexpensive and widely available broadband is now, why not just have users upgrade or purchase the product via Internet?

My copy of Windows XP software is sitting in my closet in the same packaging (or lack thereof) it came in from the shop that built my system. The CD is in a jewel case in a pile of other CD’s and the manual is in a pile with other manuals. I suppose with this new packaging Microsoft is expecting us to put it on our bookshelves as if it would be something we would be proud to display.

Here is my final thought about this new packaging: “It is about as useful as those cardboard boxes they use to package audio CD’s in.”

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  1. I’ll put a shit on it… Going to Linux -> Ubuntu and leave WinXP with 10GB on my HDD cause of eBanking or maybe IE-banking and gaming some FPS…

  2. Yawn. Mention Windows, even it’s box, and a Linux fanboy shows up.

  3. If you want to buy Vista Ultimate in Norway, you’ll have to pay close to $1000 (yes, ONE THOUSAND dollars).

    • Well given my experience of Vista that’s like flushing a thousand bucks down the toilet!

  4. Lolz, osx is 30$ AND purchased online. Another Microsoft fail…

  5. I bought Windows Vista and wish I hadn’t. Half of my software refuses to run with it whatever I try. It’s easier to use Ubuntu. With Windows one pays a handsome sum for User Hostile variations of a Polished Turd. Fear of the unknown keeps the bucks rolling in for Microsoft.

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