Update: Colorful Tabs & Firefox 2

I mentioned last week in my Colorful Tabs & Firefox 2 post, that Colorful Tabs Extension and Firefox 2 didn’t work well with each others. In the last couple days there as has been a couple new versions/attempts to get Colorful tabs to work correctly with Firefox 2.

  • Version 1.5, released November 4th. This version just bumped the max version up to Firefox 2.0.0.* All. Still no close buttons on the tabs.
  • Version 1.6, released November 5th. Per the release notes

    “Version 1.5 takes off the close btn from the tab. This has been fixed in v1.6.”

So, after updating the extensions and re-enabling it, I have colorful tabs again with a close button on my active tab. You can get the new version of Colorful Tabs here

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3 Comments on Update: Colorful Tabs & Firefox 2

  1. Dave in Phoenix | November 6, 2006 at 1:37 PM |

    Looks like newest version 1.6 gets uninstalled each time reboot or FF checks for updates – shows as not compatible. Same problem with a couple other new extensions. I need new since lost close tab buttons solved with newest update once before the auto update uninstalled it.

    In extension box Colorful Tabs is greyed out but shows 1.6 with No updates found.

    Looks like just a short term problem “talking to” the FF update and compatibility engine.

  2. I don’t see the fuss about having close buttons on your actual tabs, its much easier to just middle-click (with the scrollwheel) to close them because then it leaves space in the tab for the page title and you don’t have to worry about trying to hit the button, just do it anywhere in the tab.

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