Follow-Up Firefox 2.0: Close Tab Buttons

Over the past view days I have noticed the post Firefox 2.0: Close Tab Buttons has been the either most or second most viewed post on my blog.  I have also been getting loads of comments about this post as well.  I’ve noticed from these comments a lot of people don’t like the ‘Close Tab Button’ on every tab as is the standard practice with Firefox 2.  A while back when I first started playing with Bon Echo (Firefox 2) I want to say while it was still in the Alpha builds, I liked having the close tab button on every tab.  But I soon grow to dislike this feature after I kept closing the tab when switching tabs.

I am also going to do a poll over on Go Firefox! and see how the folks over there like their tab close buttons.

I had feeling people weren’t going to like this feature when an extension was created early on in Bon Echo’s developement to disable the close button on every tab. Thankfully I had found this tweak and set it so my close tab button is on the active tab only, the last thing I need is another extension (only have 37 at the moment.  Of those 37, two are disabled and I now I am wondering why this so or for that matter if there is reason, why do I have them still installed?)

Giving us control over where we want our Close Tab Button needs to be an option for Firefox 3, heck it can’t be that difficult of an option to create (compared to say the ‘Places’ feature that never was for Firefox 2).   May be it could be done sooner.

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  1. I prefer to get rid of all the close buttons completely and just middle-click to close tabs.

  2. Yes, I’m with Matt. I like to close tabs with a double-click, a la “Tab Clicking Options.” Buttons take up space for no reason.

  3. I am seconding the post from Peter regarding double-clicking to close a tab. A browser on the IE platform does this called Netcaptor. That is about the only thing good about it since Firefox is superior to IE in almost every other way and Netcaptor isn’t even a MS product.

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