Bon Echo

Last night when the usual nightly build update hit, I noticed something odd. I was getting a warning box informing me with this build several of my extensions were not be compatible. Odd, why would a nightly on the 2.0 builds do this? After I closed the warning box the installed went as normal.

However when I restarted Firefox after the install I had a new tab open which was displaying a Mozilla 404 page. This page that is not found is What’s New Bon Echo Now, it is possible by the time this blog entry is published Mozilla will have uploaded this page. The official release for Firefox is not for another 3 weeks so it could be say this is a Release Candidate.

Seems I didn’t realize how many extensions I had “forced” to work with Firefox 2. I have found updates to some by going to the extension’s page on Firefox Add-ons and viewing the comments and/or the home page for that add-on.

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  1. harcharanjit singh | March 26, 2009 at 10:47 PM |

    dear sir
    mine is BON ECHO,, Mozilla/5.0[X11;U;Linux mips;en-US;rv:] Gecko/20070628 BonEcho / this is the first time using laptop..please somebody there can advise how to updates the above softwares to the latest ones…operating system is LINUX 2.6X…reply a copy to

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