Antech Nine Hundred: A ‘cool’ case

High performance gaming machines with their multiple GB of RAM, fast processors and very high-end video cards tend to run a lot hotter than your normal PC. Traditionally, most PC’s use a couple 90mm fans to keep the insides cool. Meet the Antech Nine Hundred which comes standard with four fans. 3 120mm (1 rear mounted and 2 front mounted blue LED) fans AND a 200mm top mounted fan. If that is still not enough cooling power for you, it has mounts for 2 more 120mm fans for cooling video card or a processor.

Even with the four to six fans it still a very roomy case. You have 9 drive bays (6 internal/3 external or 3 internal/6 external or 9 external) which means you could mount 6 hard drives. So if you mount six 500 GB hard drives you would end up with 3 TB of drive space (or 3000 GB or 3,000,000 MB)! It also has seven expansion slots (add a couple blowers), 2 USB Ports as well as 1 IEEE 1394 FireWire® port.

$149 gets you the case which weighs 31-36 pounds just with the four fans. You still need to add a power supply (might I suggest a direct hook-up to your utility company’s power grid). Here is a comment from drdrew on CrunchGear:

“Whew, 31/36 lbs net/gross weight! Load that puppy up with fans and drives and you can forget a power supply and ups, you’ll need it hard wired into the grid with a gas powered generator as a backup. While it seems like a bit of overkill to me, Tim the Toolman approves…”

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